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Ward 3 Quick Update for July 18, 2017

Ward 3 Resident,

Hope everyone is having a great summer! Just a few quick items to update you on.

Operation North Royalton Cares Program Kick-Off Event

Operation North Royalton Cares Program will Kick-Off with an Event TODAY July 18th from 5:00pm-7:00pm at The 3 Spot located at 13855 Ridge Road here in North Royalton. The entire community is invited to come enjoy a FREE sampling of light appetizers. The only request is that everyone who attends the Kick-Off Event bring at least 3 school supplies in support of Operation North Royalton Cares Program. Hope to see you there!
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Ward 3 Quick Update

Greetings Ward 3 Resident,

Important Information on Public Safety Dispatch Consolidation

Please note that as a result of our dispatch center consolidation with the City of Strongsville, there will be two new procedures in the handling of incoming calls. The traditional emergency phone numbers such as (440) 237-8686 thru (440) 237-8689 will be routed to the dispatch center in Strongsville. North Royalton Police Department and North Royalton Fire Department will be dispatched as always or as needed. Emergency 911 phone numbers will follow in the same manner. There will be no disruption in your service or in the response of the police and/or fire/paramedic services at any time. In sum, North Royalton primary dispatch will be moved to Strongsville.

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Ward 3 Quick Update on Extreme Weather Conditions

Ward 3 Residents we are experiencing extreme weather conditions in our area and all are encouraged to avoid going outside unless necessary. As I am sending you this update tonight the current temperature here in North Royalton is -9 Degrees Fahrenheit and with the wind chill it feels like -33 Degrees Fahrenheit. Many of you have contacted me today about concerns with the weather conditions. Here are some helpful tips and information to get through this extreme weather.

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