Plan of Action

Fight to protect taxpayer dollars, spur responsible economic development, and seek creative solutions to address our city’s long-term needs.

  • Fight to protect taxpayer dollars against further state funding cuts through direct advocacy with the Ohio General Assembly.
  • Continue to maintain a policy of close fiscal scrutiny to ensure tax dollars continue to be used wisely and efficiently.
  • Support regionalism and other collaborative efforts with other government entities as a way to help lower spending and improve government efficiency and services to residents.
  • Spur responsible economic development in both Ward 3 and throughout North Royalton.
  • Work with the new City Council members and Administration to help foster a business friendly environment that will retain existing businesses, attract new ones, and encourage residents to buy local in North Royalton.
  • Seek creative solutions to address our city’s long-term needs with building audits, strategic planning, and alternative funding sources without burdening residents by needing to go to the ballot if all possible.

Sustain a high level of open communication and excellent service to the residents of Ward 3.

  • Maintain open lines of communication to ensure prompt addressing of resident concerns.
  • Keep constituents informed about what is going on in North Royalton and on City Council through electronic newsletters, my website, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Continue to host monthly constituent coffees and periodic ward events to engage residents while providing them with an opportunity to share concerns and ask questions in a one-on-one setting.
  • Explore the creation of a Ward 3 Business Advisory Council to develop an ongoing dialogue that will help both our businesses and the city be even more successful.
  • Work with community leaders and elected officials on all levels of government to address specific issues and concerns of residents.
  • Ensure that no resident’s voice is left unheard in Ward 3.

Increase community engagement and provide trusted leadership on City Council during the 2020 transition with a new Mayor and Council members.

  • Increase community participation and involvement through promoting the benefits of the city’s various service clubs.
  • Partner with new members of City Council to create joint Ward or city-wide events to better engage the community.
  • Provide trusted leadership on City Council during the 2020 transition with a new Mayor and Council members.
  • Strive to work collaboratively with the new Mayor and members of Council to help continue to move the city forward.
  • Seek additional leadership opportunities on City Council to better serve the residents of both Ward 3 and the entire city.

Support city infrastructure improvements and keeping our neighborhoods safe for all our families.

  • Work with the new administration to address street repairs and storm water issues for Ward 3.
  • Continue to support recommendations from the North Royalton Alternative Transportation Study for strategic placement of sidewalks, bike lanes, and other methods of improved connectivity of the city.
  • Discover ways to work with the new administration to secure additional funding sources and grants necessary to fund infrastructure needs from the county, state, and federal levels of government.
  • Encourage and support preventative maintenance strategies like crack sealing to help extend the life span of city streets.
  • Maintain our strong safety forces by ensuring they are transparent, have all modern equipment, and resources they need to help keep us all safe 24/7.
  • Partner with the new administration to explore more ways to combat blighted properties city-wide, additional incentives to improve the overall image of the properties in the community, and keep our neighborhoods safe here in Ward 3.