Dan’s North Royalton Recovery Plan Part 1

1) Reform city government to be better trained, transparent, less political, and return more power back to residents.

  • Require diversity, sexual harassment, ethics, and alternative dispute resolution training for all city council members.
  • Better utilize city membership in the Ohio Municipal League to allow for council members to do various professional development trainings, webinars and continue education as leaders. For example, the North Royalton Board of Education has been doing this for decades which has proven to be successful.
  • Encourage city council to join more professional organizations and groups like the Northeast Ohio City Council Association (NOCCA).
  • Reach out to non-profit organizations, colleges, service clubs, and faith base groups to develop ways to address issues of hate, racism, and decline of civil discourse to improve the overall community.
  • Work to create an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program for city council and any city employees to resolve complaints, heated disputes, and workplace issues in a timely, cost efficient, and professional manner.
  • Increase transparency in city government by requiring department heads who have outside employment to be required to publically disclose it and ensure they don’t misuse their positions and or taxpayer dollars for their personal gain.
  • Work to cap city spending that has gotten long-time political bureaucrats rich at the expense of residents and services.
  • Increase city financial transparency and planning by introducing legislation to require the city to have a 5 year financial forecast and be accessible to the residents on the city’s website.
  • Introduce legislation for a city code of ethics ordinance to make city government more professional, less political, decrease the power of special interest financial power over elected officials, and restore confidence in our local government
  • Support further review and oversight of city department’s use of taxpayer dollars, efficiency of staffing, and transparency to residents.
  • Advocate for campaign finance reforms to prohibit the law director, employees of the Law Department, City Magistrate, and employees from contributing political donations to Mayor and city council races. This would end the culture of political influence and ensure these positions are apolitical in nature for the best interest of good government practices.
  • Introduce a Charter Amendment legislation to change the City Law Director position from an appointed position by the Mayor to an elected position by a vote of the residents of North Royalton. This legislation would make the City Law Department more accountable to the residents, fiscally responsible, ensure better justices for victims of crime, and end the decades of political cronyism at City Hall.
  • Provide additional checks and balances for the residents of North Royalton on the executive powers of the Mayor by introducing a Charter Amendment legislation to require a majority vote of city council for any proposed abolishment of any city division, department, corrections operations, and governmental facility owned by the city. This would help avoid another repeat of the 2020 jail closure crisis.
  • Explore introducing responsible contractor legislation for city construction projects to provide greater protection to taxpayers and safety of the community when going out to bid on public projects.
  • Work to amend city notification requirements for projects before the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals to allow for more residents to have greater input before these bodies make decisions.

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