North Royalton Ward 3 & Community E-Newsletter: January 2021 (Volume 6)

Greetings Residents,Hopefully 2021 is off to a better start for you and your family. It has been great the last month or so catching up with so many residents throughout Ward 3. Even at some social distance at their front doors as they sign my petitions to get on the ballot for the November General Election to retake my Council seat. If you like to sign my petition shoot me an email and I can stop by your house sometime. Below I have a number of important COVID-19, local government, and items to update you on as we begin 2021.

If I can be of any service to you or your family don’t hesitate to email me at danlangshawfornrward3@yahoo.com or call me at 440-785-4240.

Have a good weekend!

Dan Langshaw
Former Councilman &
2021 Candidate for North Royalton Ward 3 City Council

COVID-19 Update

Top 4 places to get accurate and 24/7 situational information you need to know in staying safe throughout this pandemic are the following resources:

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

State of Ohio & Governor Mike DeWine

Cuyahoga County Board of Health

City of North Royalton
Website: www.northroyalton.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CityofNorthRoyaltonOH/

State Curfew Reduced One Hour
The Ohio Department of Health Director Stephanie McCloud has recently signed a new health order pushing back the statewide curfew one hour, changing the start time of the curfew to 11:00pm.  The new hours begin January 28, 2021 at 12:01pm and lasts through February 11, 2021, at 12:01pm.  The change is being made because Ohio hospitalizations for COVID-19 have remained below 3,500 for seven consecutive days.

Specifications in this order include:

  • Individuals within the state must stay at a place of residence during the hours of 11:00pm and 5:00am except for obtaining necessary food, medical care, or social services or providing care for others.
    • This order doesn’t apply to those that are homeless. Individuals whose residences are unsafe or become unsafe, such as victims of domestic violence, are encouraged to leave their homes and stay at a safe, alternative location.
    • The order does not apply to religious observances and First Amendment protected speech including activity by the media.
  • The order permits travel into or out of the state and permits travel required by law enforcement or court order, including to transport children according to a custody agreement, or to obtain fuel.

Individuals are permitted to leave a place of residence during the hours of 11:00pm and 5:00am for the following essential activities:

  • Engaging in activities essential to their health and safety or the health and safety of those in their households or people who are unable to or should not leave their homes, including pets. Activities can include but are not limited to seeking emergency services, obtaining medical supplies or medication, or visiting a health care professional including hospitals, emergency departments, urgent care clinics, and pharmacies.
  • To obtain necessary services or supplies for themselves and their family or members of their household who are unable or should not leave their home, to deliver those services or supplies to others. Examples of those include but are not limited to, obtaining groceries and food. Food and beverages may be obtained only for consumption off-premises, through such means as delivery, drive-through, curbside pickup and carryout.
  • To obtain necessary social services.
  • To go to work, including volunteer work.
  • To take care of or transport a family member, friend, or pet in their household or another household.
  • To perform or obtain government services.

COVID-19 Vaccines
The State of Ohio has begun its Vaccination Program for Phase 1B. You can see the target audience in the 1B group in the chart. Most hospitals and medical centers will be vaccine locations, as well as two locations in North Royalton: Drug Mart on State and Wallings and the Giant Eagle Pharmacy on State and Rt. 82. Residents can contact these sites directly to schedule.

You may also provide your information to the Cuyahoga County Board of Health website to be notified when slots for Phase 1B are available. Some of our residents may have already received an email from University Hospitals as well. The following links from the Board of Health will guide you through the process:



Cuyahoga County residents can call United Way’s 211 HelpLink to access information about the COVID-19 vaccine, including eligibility details and places to obtain inoculations. Residents can access vaccination information by dialing 2-1-1 on weekdays between 8:00am and 4:00pm.

Local vaccine providers:

University Hospitals – Parma Medical Center
7007 Powers Boulevard
Parma, OH 44129

Discount Drug Mart
5500 Wallings Road
North Royalton, OH 44133

Giant Eagle Pharmacy
6000 Royalton Road
North Royalton, OH 44133

Southwest General Health Center
18697 Bagley Road
Middleburg Heights, OH 44130

Vaccine quantity will determine the number of vaccinations that will be available. Once Phase 1A concludes, there may be more sites open, run by the county. Please keep checking the Cuyahoga County Board of Health website for the most current information in regards to COVID and the vaccinations.https://www.ccbh.net

Click Here to learn more about Ohio’s COVID-19 Vaccination Program.

Click Here to learn more about the Myths vs. Facts regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Click Here to view helpful information from the Cleveland Clinic regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Mortgage Assistance Available
Those struggling due to the pandemic. There is Mortgage Assistance Available for Cuyahoga County Homeowners Impacted by COVID-19 Pandemic. Click Here for more information.

Current COVID-19 Data as of January 31st
There are 778,650 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ohio and 9,907 confirmed COVID-19 deaths. A total of 46,135 people have been hospitalized, including 6,682 admissions to intensive care units. In-depth data can be accessed by visiting coronavirus.ohio.gov. In the 44133 Zip Code which North Royalton is located in there are 2,140 reported cases by Cuyahoga County Board of Health. Click here to see the full report issued by the CCBH.


In late March of 2020, while serving on City Council I launched my #MaskUpNoRo Initiative to get as many homemade cloth face masks to residents and businesses who urgently need in both Ward 3 and North Royalton Community to eliminate the spread of COVID-19!

Because of the help of many amazing volunteers “Mask Angels”, generous donations of supplies, and more. Over 4,000 FREE homemade cloth masks have already been given out so far to the elderly, those with high risk conditions to COVID-19, #NRWard3Buddy Program residents, nurses, front line health care workers, nursing homes, residential care facilities for those with developmental disabilities, essential businesses, essential workers, first responders families, kids, teachers and more throughout North Royalton! Wearing a mask on top of other measures like social distancing and proper personal hygiene will help get us hopefully closer to a return back to normal sooner!

If you need a mask or like to make a donation of supplies email me at danlangshawfornrward3@yahoo.com or call 440-785-4240.

GoFundMe Launched to Help North Royalton Small Business Owners Impacted by COVID-19

On January 18th I have announced that I have launched a GoFundMe called the North Royalton Small Business Owners COVID-19 Relief Fund to help try and prevent any more small businesses in the community from having to close their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Click Here to watch my video announcement.

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, 43% of small businesses surveyed believe that they have less than six months until a permanent shutdown is unavoidable.The North Royalton Small Business Owners COVID-19 Relief Fund will provide much needed financial assistance to any small business owners in North Royalton, Ohio that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic that request assistance with the donations received. Too often politicians, community clubs, schools, and others ask for local businesses to donate to their particular causes, events, and fundraisers. Now, they urgently need our help. Your generosity will allow small businesses keep afloat during these unprecedented times. Any contribution you give will directly help the business owners in North Royalton, Ohio in need.

Please share the GoFundMe Link: https://gofund.me/70e18999 with any organizations, community groups, and individuals you know who want to help keep our businesses running. No amount is too small. Any contribution you can give would be greatly appreciated for our local businesses.

This fundraising effort will run until March 18th, 2021. The donations received will then be evenly distributed to business owners who applied and met the eligibility requirements.

Disclosure: 100% of donations received will go directly to the specific business owners in need. None of these donations will be used differently.

North Royalton Post Newspaper Article

News Channel 5 Story

If you like to donate to the North Royalton Small Business Owners COVID-19 Relief Fund Click Here or below. Thank you to those who have donated already and helping raise $500 so far.

City Council Legislative Highlights

Some highlights from the Council Meetings for the month of December. The following legislation was approved:

  • Ordinance 21-03, an ordinance confirming the Mayor’s appointment of Corey Flowers as new Public Defender for the City of North Royalton.
  • Ordinance 21-04, an ordinance authorizing the Mayor to enter and execute a contract with CT Consultants Inc. as the new consulting engineer to provide engineering services for the City of North Royalton and approving the appointment of Justin Haselton P.E. as the new City Engineer. Read More.
  • Ordinances 21-13, 21-14, 21-15, 21-16, & 21-17, ordinances approving the purchases of snow plows and other equipment for the Recreation and Service Departments.

If you like to learn more about what is going on in City Council check out the minutes online by Clicking Here. Also your welcome to attend City Council Meetings, just make sure that you wear mask or face covering while inside City Hall.

2021 City Master Plan

Every seven years or so, the city is charged with resurrecting the Master Plan Advisory Committee to plot a course for the city to follow in the coming years. They determine, with input from the community, what needs focus, and then the city administration and council work to make those suggestions reality. The last Mast Plan Update was done in 2014. Click Here to view the current City Master Plan. Below is a list of the members for the 2021 City Master Plan and the dates for the upcoming meetings for it.

Need Food Assistance?

North Royalton Produce Market
The North Royalton Produce Market’s outdoor season has ended. Starting January 9th, the program will move to Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church, from 9:00am-10:00am on the second Saturday of the month through March. The indoor dates are February 13th and March 13th. In April, the program will once again move back outdoors to the York Road Baseball Complex.The program is specifically geared toward serving the senior citizen population within our community; however, anyone who meets the income criteria, determined by the Federal Government Poverty guidelines, may receive fresh produce from the market. If you are in need of monthly food assistance, call Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church at 440-237-7958 ext. 130 or St. Albert the Great Church at 440-237-6760 for information on their food pantry requirements.

 Recycling Collection Updates & Changes

Rumpke Now Accepts Plastic Containers for Recycling
Rumpke is now accepting plastic tubs in curbside recycling! You can now include plastic tubs, such as those for butter, sour cream and cottage cheese, as well as fruit cups and yogurt containers, along with plastic bottles and jugs in your 64-gallon recycle cart. Like with many other items on their acceptable item list, they have stable, long-term end users for this material.

Simple Recycling Suspension
There seems to be a lot of confusion over which curbside recycling program has been temporarily suspended. To be clear, the private company Simple Recycling, which is not affiliated with Rumpke, has temporarily suspended their curbside collection until Spring 2021. The Simple Recycling program is the orange bags, shown in the picture above, residents can place textiles in for donation at curbside. This program is completely separate from Rumpke, which provides curbside trash and recycling service. Again, Simple Recycling’s suspension does NOT affect your weekly curbside trash and recycling pickup.

Food Trucks

The North Royalton City Council is looking to officially introduce a Food Truck Ordinance this month or next to severely regulate businesses, organizations, and individuals from having food trucks for events in the city. Also imposing very serious criminal and civil penalties for violations. Read More. I have personally been contacting and meeting with local businesses about this that could be impacted and they are not in support of this over regulation. Many get that if the city needs something on the books. Ok. However, adding too much regulation to Food Trucks that are already regulated by the County Board of Health and the city focusing so much time on something that is not a problem is not the best use of their time during this pandemic when so many businesses are struggling. I urge residents and businesses who want to be heard on this issue to attend the February 16, 2021 Building & Building Codes City Council Committee Meeting at 6:00pm at North Royalton City Hall 14600 State Road and address Council on this. If due to COVID19 you are unable to attend but like to submit written comments, you can email me at danlangshawfornward3@yahoo.com and I can help you make sure it gets included in the record to be considered. I have also launched a quick survey to get community feedback on this issue. Can you please take a few quick minutes and Click Here to take my Food Truck Survey. 

Around Ward 3 & Our City

Special Thank You!
Congratulations to North Royalton Library Branch Manager Jeanne Cilenti on her upcoming retirement at the end of this month! Thank you Jeanne for your 36 years of service and all the positive things you have done for our children and community over the years! Read More.

#MaskUpNoRo Deliveries
On January 13th I delivered over 700 homemade masks throughout the community from my #MaskUpNoRo Initiative to get FREE masks to those who need one and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This volunteer driven effort celebrated a big milestone of hitting a total of 4,607 masks that have been distributed in the North Royalton community since the initiative was started last year. I again want to thank my mask angels for making the masks and all those who continue to make various donations of supplies to help with our efforts!

Special Commendation Presentation

On January 8th it was an honor to be present for the Special Commendation Presentation by State Representative Jeff Crossman (15th House District) from the Ohio General Assembly in honor of the late Bill Setny for his life time of service this evening. Bill a resident of Parma, Ohio. Was extremely involved for most of his life giving back to the North Royalton community as a North Royalton City School District Teacher, North Royalton Kiwanis Member, and so much more! I have known Bill and the Setny Family since I was in Key Club in High School. Then later as a School Board Member, Councilman, and member of the North Royalton Kiwanis Club. I want to again personally thank Represenative Crossman for working with me to make this well deserved special recognition of Bill happen for his family as a final thank you for all he has done for our community during his life!

Upcoming City Government Meetings & Community Events

Storm Water, Streets, and Utilities City Council Committee Meetings February 2nd  at 6:00pm at City Hall. Click Here to view agendas.

City Council Meeting February 2nd at 7:00pm at City Hall. Click Here to view agenda.

City Master Plan Committee Meeting February 9th at 7:00pm at City Hall.

Finance, Building & Building Codes, and Safety Council Committee Meetings February 16th at 6:00pm at City Hall. Click Here to view agendas.

City Council Meeting February 16th at 7:00pm at City Hall. Click Here to view agenda.

Full City Calendar for February

Send In Your Feedback or Invite to an Event
Got an issue you are concerned about? Is there a Homeowner Association Meeting, Condo Association Meeting, Community Organization Meeting, Block Party, Zoom Townhall Meeting, or Event that you would like for me attend? Email me your feedback or invite to an event in the city or ward at danlangshawfornrward3@yahoo.com