Dan Langshaw’s Statement on COVID-19 Vaccine

January 28, 2021

For Immediate Release

Dan Langshaw’s Statement on COVID-19 Vaccine

Like many of you in the community, I too have been very skeptical of getting the COVID-19 vaccine that is now available. In my life when I make a major decision I do my due diligence and research first. Also being a husband of a front-line nurse that has to battle COVID-19 every shift at her hospital, I understand how difficult this battle is first-hand. My wife has worked tirelessly in her line of work and it has been extremely hard to see how much COVID-19 has effected families in our area and the impact nurses and those on the front lines have with this overwhelming pandemic. As a family we decided that I would get the vaccine due to the opportunity supplied by my employer.

The vaccine I got this afternoon was the Pfizer one and the folks at the Cleveland VA Hospital did a wonderful job in administering the vaccine. So far I feel fine with a little bit of a sore arm.

I know there is still many of you who want the vaccine or may be on the fence about getting it which is why I am sharing publicly my experience to hopefully help you and your family decide what’s best. I also fully support individual’s rights to decide whether or not they get the vaccine. I can only share how I decided and weighed the risks either way.

If you are interested in getting the vaccine you can check out the state’s website at vaccine.coronavirus.ohio.gov for a provider near you.  You can also get helpful information about the vaccine from the Cuyahoga County Board of Health at https://www.ccbh.net or from the CDC at https://www.cdc.gov