Dan Langshaw’s Statement on Misinformation by Council Members & Call Again for Increased Transparency of City Council

January 26, 2021

For Immediate Release

Dan Langshaw’s Statement on Misinformation by Council Members & Call Again for Increased Transparency of City Council

It has been brought to my attention that a member or members of the North Royalton City Council have falsely said I have “lied” about the food truck ordinance draft through different social media groups or in communications with residents. In the past these tactics were used by the current majority in an effort to defame me, my family, and to bait me. I will not let such childish tactics bully me from providing transparent information of what is going on in our local government and its potential impact on North Royalton and our struggling small businesses.

The food truck ordinance draft that is posted on my Facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/58627438748/posts/10158915510178749/ This was indeed the hand delivered copy I received from the City of North Royalton Economic Development Director Tom Jordan after he spoke during the North Royalton City Council Building & Building Codes Committee Meeting January 19, 2021 a public meeting any resident could attend. I attended the meeting in person, as well as others too in the audience with me. I did not write out or make up this draft. This was the public draft that I was given at this meeting and which was the same one presented to council.

A Council member released a new draft late on the night of January 24, 2021 which is great but still this is not something a majority of residents or businesses want our city government focusing its time on during this pandemic. I look forward to being heard on the record about this issue with my fellow residents at the February 16, 2021 Building & Building Codes City Council Committee Meeting at 6:00pm at North Royalton City Hall 14600 State Road and address all of Council on this issue if they still want to pursue legislation.

Once again this brings up the lack of transparency that I have been encouraging our City Council for the public. I will once again remind them what I said at the December 15, 2020 Special North Royalton City Council Finance Committee Meeting that all city meetings, council meetings, boards, and commissions need to be video recorded, live streamed on the internet, and archived on the city’s website to improve transparency and more open government. You can view the full text of my remarks here: http://www.danlangshaw.com/2020/dan-langshaw-fy-2021-north-royalton-city-budget-public-comments-december-15-2020-before-north-royalton-city-council/

City Council has not moved swiftly forward with this action which causes inaccurate assumptions to occur as in this case. Many citizens in the community have busy lives and can’t attend meetings. By adding this level of transparency, City Council and public attendees of the meeting would be understood better without the he said, she said game.

So today I call upon the North Royalton City Council Review & Oversight Committee Chairman Jeremy Dietrich to stop further delaying to address this transparency issue. Waiting till April to have a committee meeting to discuss this important issue is not acceptable either. I urge him to call a Special Review & Oversight Committee sometime in February and just take action now to prevent any further issues of transparency. He has a copy of my legislation that I submitted to all of City Council back on June 29, 2020 that would achieve this immediately.