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Ward 3 E-Newsletter: June 2020

Greetings Ward 3 Resident,Summer is here. Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic is still here too. Here in Ward 3 we have lost a resident to COVID-19. We have also had residents get COVID-19, including one resident who was hospitalized for over 40 days and even was on a ventilator. They have beaten COVID-19 and are home now. But their kidneys are compromised as a result of the virus and require dialysis. I share this with you all because we all want things to return back to normal.  But until there is a vaccine and further medical advances we all still need to be careful. So please continue to wear a face-covering or mask in public, use social distancing, wash your hands, sanitize commonly used surfaces at home, stay home if you are sick, and proper hygiene to help eliminate the spread of COVID-19 in our community! You can also read by Click Here why I feel it is important to do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Again I am so proud of how brave, patient, and caring you all have been to help our fellow neighbors and local businesses struggling as a result of COVID-19! I have some additional COVID-19 information that you should be aware of since my last update and whats going in your city government.

Have a great week!

Dan Langshaw
Ward 3 Councilman
North Royalton City Council

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Ward 3 Quick Update: March 16, 2020

Ward 3 Resident,

These are difficult times for all of us! Together we will all get through this ever-changing Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis our nation and the world are battling. Thank you to our brave doctors, nurses, and first-responders on the front lines of all of this! Having served in the United States Army I view this as battling a war against COVID-19. Again don’t panic but be prepared to adapt to more changes to your daily life for the next several weeks or more. These changes are being made to help save the lives of your family, neighbors, and friends. Call and check-in with your family members and neighbors to see how they are doing. It’s important for families to restrict travel right now. I’ve advised members of my own family not to travel. I suggest only going out if you absolutely need to. Community spread is the biggest concern at the moment. The Ohio Department of Health has a Call Center to answer questions related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Call Center is open 7 days a week from 9:00am to 8:00pm and can be reached at 1-833-4-ASK-ODH (1-833-427-5634). Call 911 or your healthcare provider right away if you believe that you have been exposed to COVID-19.

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