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February 20, 2020 Statement from North Royalton Ward 3 Councilman Dan Langshaw on the Closing of Historic Carrie Cerino’s Ristorante & Party Center

Many of us in the community are heartbroken by the abrupt closing of Carrie Cerino’s Ristorante & Party Center after 57 years of business yesterday. Carrie Cerino’s has been a pillar of both great traditional family Italian cuisine and community life. Including my own life and family. I have so many great memories as a child of family celebrations and parties. My parents had made it a tradition to celebrate their anniversary every year with “mama noodles” and I too had taken their tradition with my own wife Marissa at Carrie Cerino’s where we would celebrate our milestones together.

Owner, Carmen Cerino‘s comments on Facebook stated that:

“headwinds facing many small businesses in today’s environment made it very difficult for Carrie Cerino’s to operate and compete.”

This is truly hard to stomach and serves as a wake up for our entire community since this makes now about the third restaurant/bar type of business to close its doors in North Royalton in 2020. I truly wish as a community leader and we as a city could have worked collaboratively to save this business and others. It’s becoming alarmingly clear the current way of business as usual of economic development needs to change in this city.

 I believe and will continue to advocate this year for City Council to get more actively engaged in the economic development process. While working with the City Administration, Chamber of Commerce, and business leaders, my goal is to help foster a more business friendly environment that will retain existing businesses, attract new ones, and encourage residents to buy local in North Royalton. I believe we can work together as a community so that we don’t see any more closures of family run businesses like Carrie Cerino’s.

For more information contact North Royalton Ward 3 Councilman Dan Langshaw at ward3@northroyalton.org or 440-785-4240.