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Ward 3 E-Newsletter: May 2020

Greetings Ward 3 Resident,Hope all the mothers here in Ward 3 had a Happy Mother’s Day! We all don’t like this random snow. But is great to see the flowers starting to bloom and our state start the process of re-opening slowly but safely as we still combat this COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the virus is still all around us and will continue to be something we will still have to deal with for the next several months or more. Current COVID-19 totals from the Ohio Department of Health are: 24,777 confirmed case; 4,413 hospitalizations; 1,357 deaths; 209,153 tested; and there are confirmed COVID-19 cases in all 88 counties throughout our state. Here in Cuyahoga County, the current COVID-19 totals from the Cuyahoga County Board of Health are: 1,540 confirmed cases;  age range 1 week to 101 years old for confirmed cases; 104 deaths; and 87-143 confirmed COVID-19 cases for our area in the 44133 zip code. So even as the current stay at home order is lifted come May 29th. Please continue to wear a face-covering or mask in public, use social distancing, and proper hygiene to help eliminate the spread of COVID-19 in our community! Even how tough things have been. I am so proud of how brave, patient, and caring you all have been to help our fellow neighbors and local businesses struggling as a result of COVID-19! Every day there seems to be new COVID-19 news we get bombarded with. So, I wanted to update you on some key COVID-19 news that you should be aware of since my last update and return back to a little more to my normal monthly updates on what is going on in your city government. So apologize this may be longer than my normal updates but just wanted to make sure I keep you in the loop.

Have a great week & Stay Safe!

Dan Langshaw
Ward 3 Councilman
North Royalton City Council

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