Ward 3 Quick Update July 25, 2018

Ward 3 Resident,

Hope everyone is having a great summer! Just a few quick things to update you on.

Upcoming Bicentennial Events

July 28th & 29th
All day City-wide business sidewalk sale. Read More.

July 29th
Pet Carnival 1:00pm-4:00pm pm the City Green. Read More.

August 4th
Bicentennial Gala Ball at Carrie Cerrino’s from 6:00pm-11:00pm. $50 per ticket. Appetizers, open bar, dinner, and band Twist all included. Click Here for more information.

August 5th
Picnic in the Park from 1:00pm-8:30pm at Memorial Park. Free food, prizes, and entertainment.

August 10th-12th
Community Festival on the City Green.

Beware of Possible Curb Painting Scams this Summer

Beware of possible curb painting scams this summer where a resident receives a flyer taped on their mailbox or door offering them an opportunity to have their address painted on the curb. They ask to have the resident leave payment taped to their front door and the work will be done. Often the money is taken and no work is done. If any residents see these persons dropping off envelopes or painting curbs, please immediately contact the North Royalton Police Department on the Non-Emergency Phone # at 440-237-8686 so they can check them out. Read More about past summer issues with these scams. There are no registered contractors in the City of North Royalton allowed to do this kind of work. If you do need a reliable address sign the North Royalton Fire Department does them for residents. They offer a reflective metal address sign that can be attached to your mailbox that can be seen by emergency responders year round in any weather. The cost for the sign is just $15.00 to cover the cost of materials. The Fire Fighters will even install the sign for residents if they are unable to do so themselves. Click Here if you are interested purchasing one.

Call to Action
There is an issue being debated in City Council that I want to bring to your attention so you know where I stand as your member of City Council. Also I could use your help too! At the July 17th City Council Meeting Ward 6 City Councilman Dan Kasaris introduced several pieces of legislation Ordinances 18-87, 18-88, and 18-89 that propose to put Charter Amendments to abolish term limits of Mayor, City Council President, and City Council in the City of North Royalton for the November General Election Ballot. Currently we have 12 year term limit in place for all these elected officials.The legislation deeply concern me on many levels. First the legislation is being introduced by a Councilman who is term limited and ineligible to run again in 2019. Second there are two other members of City Council who are also term limited too. Third this legislation was proposed for a vote before City Council goes into recess for the month of August which does not give the residents of our community enough time to be even heard whether they even want this on the ballot in the first place. Thankfully growing opposition on City Council has temporarily stopped a vote for now. Fourth as Ward 3 City Councilman I love serving my community and being a public servant. However this legislation if passed will only serve a select few in the city vs we the people. It is self serving at best. City Council should be focusing its time on more important issues in our city than this like fixing our roads, improving infrastructure, bring new jobs, storm water, and so much more! Read More about the City Council debate on this issue.As I have said in the past I am against abolishing the term limits that the residents of our city have put in place. They had a good reason and I trust their judgment. Read my past comments on this issue by Clicking Here. I will fight against this legislation being proposed. The May failure of the Senior Housing District sent a few strong messages. But one that I took note of is that the majority of City Council needs to do more to listen to the people of this city. It cost taxpayers money to put issues like this on the ballot. Zero residents in our ward have urge me to support abolishing term limits in the city. If this was a major issue then let a independent group like the City Charter Review Commission look at this issue in a few years and take the time to study whether or not any changes should be made. Our City Charter should not be changed on a whim.So I urge you to please speak up on this issue on Facebook, Twitter, and word of mouth. If you want come to the below meetings and voice your concerns in person feel free too! Also tell your friends, neighbors, and family about this issue! If they do not live in Ward 3 but in other parts of our city and do not know who their City Council Representative is Click Here for more information.

City Council Review & Oversight Committee Meeting
September 4th
City Hall
14600 State Rd
North Royalton, OH 44133

City Council Meeting
September 4th
City Hall
14600 State Rd
North Royalton, OH 44133

Thank you for being engaged residents on this issue!

Have a great rest of the week!

Dan Langshaw
Ward 3 Councilman
North Royalton City Council