Ward 3 E-Newsletter: June 2014

Greetings Ward 3 Resident,

May 12th Storm Clean Up
Since the May 12th Storm I continue to remain very busy in the ward getting residents assistance and touring areas of concern. I continue to make requests to both the Service and Waste Water Departments about various areas of concern here in our ward that they will check out when possible. City crews continue to work hard in clearing remaining storm debris and addressing the most urgent storm water issues in our ward and city. Please remain patient as they have much work to do on an already long list of projects. The city is still working with County, State, and Federal Government to seek additional assistance. If you did experience damage from the storm here are three links for programs offered by the County, State, and Federal Government that you may find helpful:

Application for Valuation Deduction for Destroyed or Injured Property in Cuyahoga County

Renew & Rebuild Ohio Loan Program

SBA Offers Disaster Assistance to Residents of Northern Ohio Affected by Heavy Rainfall, Strong Winds, and Flooding. Please click on the link below for further details.


Also a number of residents have asked me about various ways to flood proof homes or property through installing ditches, disconnecting downspouts, rain barrels, backflow valve, drains, and more. Many of these require city permits to do. If you are thinking about doing such work, please contact the City Building Department first at 440-582-3000 to find out what permits you may need.


W.A.G.S. 4 Kids Event
A friend of mine Brian Wolf who is the Ward 2 City Councilman in Broadview Heights; has a son who has a rare disorder called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. As a result his son has a service dog for assistance. His son’s battle with this disorder and others in our own community that have children with a disability inspired me to help support W.A.G.S. 4 Kids, an organization that helps kids with disabilities get trained service dogs here in Northeast Ohio. On June 25th at the Barley House located at 1261 W. 6th Street in downtown Cleveland from 6-10pm. I will be one of the Northeast Ohio’s eligible bachelors to be raffled off at the 2nd Annual Cleveland Have A Heart Charity Bachelor Raffle to benefit W.A.G.S. 4 Kids. It will be a fun filled evening with a great food, drinks, and music. If you like to attend the event, tickets can be purchased online at
http://www.clevelandhaveaheart.org. Also if you are interested in learning more about W.A.G.S. 4 Kids check out their website at www.wags4kids.org. Thanks for your support!

Have a great week!

Dan Langshaw
Ward 3 Councilman
North Royalton City Council

Council Update

Some highlights from the City Council Meetings for May. Council passed Ordinance 14-66, Ordinance 14-67, Ordinance 14-68 and, Ordinance 14-69 for funding various projects for the 2014 City Roads Program. Council also approved Ordinance 14-70 an ordinance accepting the findings of Cuyahoga County Planning Commission’s redistricting study. The current city council wards will all remain the same. See in the City Update portion of this newsletter for more details.

If you like to learn more about what is going on in City Council check out the minutes online at: http://www.northroyalton.org/Council_Minutes_2014.htm

City Update

City Hall & Memorial Project Update
Last week construction officially began on the transformation of the old library into the new city hall. Targeted completion date of mid to late October of this year. The city is also exploring additional technology improvements for the new city hall. Also expanding Wi-Fi Access to the general public and adding hotspots at recreational areas such a Memorial Park, York Road baseball fields, and Heasley soccer fields. Click here to learn more. The City Recreation Board recently reviewed a proposal for a new Memorial Park playground that is part of the city hall/Memorial Park project. It would be a modern ADA accessible playground that would be located more closer to the parking lot. Click here to learn more.

Redistricting Update
All of the city’s six wards were recently reviewed by the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission to determine if redistricting was necessary based on updated population data. Per our city charter, we must review the ward boundaries every four years to keep the ward populations as even as possible. Based on the data collected and reviewed by City Council, there was no need to make any changes. All six wards will remain unchanged. Some interesting things to note. The city’s population grew 1.2% from 2010 with a total population of 30,444 to now in 2014 of 30,813. Here in Ward 3 we currently have 5,290 residents living here. Also Ward 3 makes up 17.2% of the city’s total population. Click here to learn more.

City Master Plan

Recently the City Planning Commission recommended the 2014 City Master Plan Update and Zoning Changes to City Council for approval. Currently it is now before City Council for consideration under Ordinance 14-77 and Ordinance 14-78. Click here if you like to view the entire 2014 City Master Plan. Once these changes are approved by City Council it will then go on ballot for November General Election for residents to approve.

Dan Langshaw Scholarship 2014

Around Ward 3

Special Congrats!
Congrats to North Royalton High School Senior Danielle Hitts for being the recipient of the 2014 Dan Langshaw Leadership Scholarship! Danielle will be attending Cleveland State University and will be Majoring in Nursing. Congrats Danielle!

Ward 3 Annual Hydrant Flushing
Last week the Fire Department started flushing hydrants here in Ward 3. This will continue for the next 7-10 days or so. The Fire Department advises residents to check the water for a rusty color before drinking it, beginning food preparation, or doing laundry. If the water is discolored, run only the cold water for a few minutes until it is clear. They will be using the City’s reverse 911 system to alert neighborhoods of pending hydrant flushing. If you have any questions; please call the Fire Department at (440) 237-4315.

Building Code Violations for Weeds & Grass
As your Councilman I get weekly reports from the Building Department on various violations by Ward 3 property owners; that city building inspectors have found during their inspections. A common violation I see this time of the year is of non-compliance with Section 660.14(a) (b) (c) (d) of the Codified Ordinances of North Royalton titled “Weeds and Grass”. A majority of these are properties that appear to be either vacant or in foreclosure, in which the grass has not been cut or the weeds have become overgrown. If you know of any properties like this in our ward, please let me know by e-mailing me at ward3@northroyalton.org with the address. I want our ward looking nice, but most importantly I want to ensure resident safety with any vacant or foreclosed home that may be around our ward.

Speed Limit Reminder
During the summer months many kids are home since school is out for the summer and are outside playing in the neighborhoods of our ward. Please be mindful of this and observe the posted speed limits which are typically 25mph on residential streets and 35mph on the main roads of our city. In the next few months you may notice the police speed trailer or more police patrolling in various areas of the ward because I have requested extra attention to areas of concern that were brought to my attention by residents.

On May 7th attended the (NOPEC) Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council’s Community Leader Event in Strongsville. It was great to meet members of the NOPEC Board and learn more about that ways they are helping local communities save money on electric and natural gas costs.

Garden Fest
On May 31st attended the North Royalton Garden Club’s Garden Fest & Plant Sale. It was a fun and event special thanks to the Garden Club for all the great things they do in our city

Relay for Life
Also on May 31st participated in the North Royalton Relay for Life that was in support of the American Cancer Society. Click here to learn more.

Upcoming Events

City Council Streets, Storm Water, and Utilities Committee Meetings on June 3rd at 6pm at City Hall.

City Council Meeting June 3rd at 7:30pm at City Hall.

City Council Finance, Safety, and Building & Building Codes Committee Meetings June 17th at 6pm at City Hall

City Council Meeting June 17th at 7:30pm at City Hall.

Monthly Coffee with Councilman Dan Langshaw
If you are a constituent living in the North Royalton Ward 3, you are invited to attend my monthly constituent coffee. I hold these coffees in order to stay in touch with fellow residents and listen to their feedback. There is no appointment necessary. Simply stop by and talk to me. The next coffee will be held on:
When: June 28, 2014
Time: 10:00-11:00am
Where: Mugshotz Coffee & Smoothies
6556 Royalton Rd.
North Royalton, OH 44133

North Royalton Community Meal
The North Royalton Community Meal is sponsored by the churches of North Royalton and held the last Sunday of each month from 3-5 pm at St. Albert the Great Church. The Community Meal provides an opportunity for building fellowship within the North Royalton community, and also a delicious hot meal for all those who attend. All are welcome. The next Community Meal will be held on June 29th at the St. Albert The Great Parish Hall 6667 Wallings Rd.

City Calendar for June

My Contact Info
If you ever have any questions, concerns, or need assistance please feel free to give me at call at 440-785-4240 or e-mail me at ward3@northroyalton.org. You can also keep in contact with me through my Website at www.danlangshaw.com or follow me on Facebook or Twitter at DanLangshawNR.