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Contact: Dan Langshaw
Ward 3 Councilman
North Royalton City Council

Councilman Langshaw Launches New Resident Welcome Initiative

January 9, 2014

(North Royalton, Ohio)— North Royalton Ward 3 Councilman Dan Langshaw announced on January 9, 2014 the official launch of his New Resident Welcome Initiative. The purpose of the initiative is to connect Ward 3 residents new to the city of North Royalton with the services available within the community and to increase engagement with residents.

When asked how he came up with the concept, Langshaw said “The initiative is a product of two things. First, my predecessor the late Councilman Don Willey was known for driving to new resident’s homes and introducing them to the city. Second, was listening to feedback from the City’s Master Plan Committee this past year. Members brought up the need to make our community a little more welcoming to both new residents and businesses alike. So, combing both concepts; I created an initiative that continues a little tradition and address the need to make it more welcoming to live here in Ward 3 the heart of the city of North Royalton.”

Councilman Langshaw has reached out to some local realtors and homeowner’s associations to assist in identifying new residents. Through this initiative new Ward 3 residents will be receiving a visit from their councilman and an informational packet about basic services available within the community.

Any new Ward 3 resident interested in getting a welcome packet can request one by contacting directly Councilman Dan Langshaw by phone at 440-785-4240 or email him at ward3@northroyalton.org.