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On April 4th attended the Broadview Heights City Council Meeting. City Council unanimously passed Ordinance 23-11, an ordinance authorizing the mayor to payment to the North Royalton Schools for a stadium at the high school, and declaring an emergency. I again just want to thank Mayor Alai and the entire Broadview Heights City Council for their support of our stadium project and their continued support of the North Royalton City School District!!!

Held a Policy Committee Meeting on April 6th, the committee reviewed the policy updates for April. On Monday’s Board agenda there will be a resolution to approve the Policy Updates for April 2011. The Bylaws and Policies up for consideration include updates for student welfare and supervision, use of tobacco on school grounds and student and staff acceptable use policies.

The School Board met on April 6th for its’ Board Work Session. The Board spent a good deal of time discussing the state budget and reviewing its’ impact it will have on the North Royalton School District. The Board got a sneak preview of the district’s new website and discussed various aspects of it. The Board was also informed that the current district website now has posted audio recordings for past regular board meetings posted online for the public to listen to. The Board’s Legal Counsel and Architect were present to discuss issues regarding doing a possible change order for some aspects of the stadium project. The Board was given an update on the progress of the stadium project. Some more demo and initial site work has begun. The board received an update on temporary new bus garage and things are coming along. A first reading of the April Policy Updates was given. The high school principal search is well underway and interviews have begun. The Board had discussion regarding the concerns former School Board Member Mrs. Zindroski’s raised during the March Regular School Board meeting. Her specific concerns centered on the Board’s meeting locations, meeting notices, and work sessions. In response the board is going to keep the current locations where it holds it meetings but will re-evaluate if the need comes for a larger venue for work sessions. Starting now on the high school electronic sign facing Ridge Rd. will have posted meeting dates of the board of education and the Board will work with local media to see if they can have a special notice in the newspapers about upcoming board meetings so that public is more aware when the board is meeting. Later this year the board will have a special section in your schools that explains better how the North Royalton School Board operates. The Board also discussed how it will be conducting Treasurer/Superintendent Evaluations. There was also discussion regarding the board self evaluation process and board goals. I again proposed to the Board a proposal to revise Board Bylaw 0169.3 to include that all regular, special, or work sessions of the North Royalton School Board be recorded on audio tape and be posted on the district’s website. Currently we only record our regular board meetings as of March 2010. Again the majority of the board was against increased having special meetings and work sessions audio recorded and posted online at the district’s website. After the November General Election when we have new members of the School Board I plan to reintroduce this proposal and hope it can get an up and down vote at Regular Board Meeting. I also introduced a proposed Board Resolution opposing the funding cuts in HB 153. The Board was very supportive of this and our leadership will work on fine tuning the language and it will be up for a tentative board vote at the May Regular School Board Meeting. I also shared with the Board my written testimony on HB 153 the state operating budget and got their ok to speak on behalf of the district down in Columbus for the next day. The Board also discussed the upcoming OSBA Board Leadership Conference down in Columbus in late April. The Board also went in Executive Session for the purpose to discuss the consideration of the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion, or compensation of a public employee, official, or student. The Board reviewed the April Regular Meeting agenda items, and such other matters that came before the Board.

Testimony on HB 153 down at the Statehouse

On, April 7, 2011 I gave opposition testimony on House Bill 153, the State Operating Budget before the Ohio House of Representatives Finance Subcommittee on Primary and Secondary Education, in the William Howard Taft Hearing Room of the Statehouse in Columbus. I was also joined by a number of others from various other school districts and organization offering testimony on the Primary and Secondary Education portion of the proposed state budget under HB 153. As the Legislative Liaison for the North Royalton School Board I have been following very closely HB 153, Governor John Kasich’s proposed biennium budget. During the hearing I told state representatives that Governor John Kasich’s Budget Proposal is a devastating funding loss to the North Royalton City School District to the tune of almost $5 million dollars in the next biennium budget. A key thing that I stressed was that we oppose HB 153 and urge the legislature to focus on including some form of cap on the percentage reduction that any district must endure in this biennium budget. Currently we face a 38.11% reduction in state funding under HB 153, which is worse than what we had thought or even prepared for. I also answered a few questions from Chairman John Carey and Ranking Minority Member Matt Lundy on the committee after giving my testimony. I made sure the voice of the North Royalton School District was heard here in Columbus. Now is the time to fight the terrible effects HB 153 could have on our district. While down in Columbus I personally met one on one with our lawmakers: Representative Mike Dovilla, Representative Marlene Anielski, and Senator Tom Patton and shared my copies of my testimony and information how HB 153 will negatively impact our school district. I did the best I could to share the concerns we as district have but also many of the ones constituents like you have shared with me as well. I urge you all to contact our representatives and share your concerns about 153 as soon as possible! Below is their contact info.

State Senator Tom Patton
24th Senate District
Senate Building
1 Capitol Square, 1st Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 466-8056

State Representative Marlene Anielski (Broadview Heights portion of our school district)
17th House District
77 S. High St
12th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Phone: (614) 644-6041
Fax: (614) 719-6956

State Representative Mike Dovilla
18th House District (North Royalton portion of our school district)
77 S. High St
12th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Phone: (614) 466-4895
Fax: (614) 719-6957

FYI Audio Recordings of Regular Board Meetings now available online
Back in March 8, 2010 I was able to get passed into Board Bylaw 0169.3 that all regular meetings of the North Royalton Board of Education, except executive session, shall be recorded on audio. I am happy to report if you go on to the North Royalton School District’s website you now can listen to audio recordings of board meetings from last year to present. You can do this by click these links:


Here is the February 14, 2011 (MP3 Audio Recording)


This week there are various meetings and events.

April Regular School Board Meeting on April 11th at 7pm @ NRHS Community Rm, 14713 Ridge Rd., North Royalton, OH 44133.

The Kiwanis Club will be holding their annual Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, April 17, 2011 from 2:00pm-3:00pm at Memorial Park. Memorial Park is located at 14600 State Road (1/2 mile south of Royalton Road).

North Royalton Spring Food Bank Distribution
The Spring Food Box is for families with children who reside in the City of North Royalton. The 2011 income guidelines start at $21, 660 for a family of one and increase to $44,100 for a family of four. If you wish to apply for the program, please call the Office on Aging/Human Services at 440-582-6333. You will need: a picture ID, current utility bill and proof of income to apply. Applications are being accepted until Friday, April 8, 2011. The Spring Food Box is being distributed on Saturday, April 16, 2011.

Special Monthly Constituent Coffee for Broadview Heights Residents in the District
North Royalton School Board Member Dan Langshaw and Mayor Sam Alai will be co-hosting a Special Coffee for Broadview Heights residents who live in the North Royalton School District on April 21st at the Coffee Club located 500 E. Royalton Rd. #150 in Broadview Heights from 6pm-8pm. School Board Member Langshaw holds these monthly coffees in order to stay in touch with fellow residents and listen to their feedback one on one. For this month School Board Member Langshaw and Mayor Alai would like to hear from Broadview Heights residents in the North Royalton School District. All those who attend will be treated to a free small coffee. There is no appointment necessary. You may also contact Dan Langshaw via e-mail if you wish at dan.langshaw@northroyaltonsd.org or call 440-596-0078.

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