Testifying on SB 210 before Ohio Senate

I gave testimony today on Senate Bill 210 Healthy Choices, Healthy Children legislation before the Ohio Senate’s Health, Human Services and Aging Committee, in the North Hearing Room of the Statehouse. I was also joined by representatives from other school districts offering testimony on this pending legislation.

SB 210 calls for the establishment of nutritional standards for certain foods and beverages sold in public and chartered nonpublic schools; requires public school students to have periodic body mass index measurements; requires daily physical activity for public school students and makes other changes regarding physical education; establishes the Healthy Choices for Healthy Children Council.

I was truly honored having the opportunity to testify before the Ohio Senate this morning and ensuring that the North Royalton School District’s voice is heard here in Columbus. It’s great being part of the legislative process and I hope that the suggestions I proposed are included in the final draft of SB 210.

Substitute versions of the bill are slated to be presented next week, with a possible vote on SB 210 scheduled for Wednesday.