Copy of Board Member Langshaw’s Statement at the Dec. 8th Work Session

Dear President Reinhard and Board,

As we approach our organizational meeting in January 2011, I propose that North Royalton Board of Education does an audit to determine the effectiveness of our current standing and ad hoc committees of the Board. The purpose of the audit would be to determine if it is even necessary to have a board member assigned to certain committees, versus would it be better suited to have an administrator just report back to the board on certain committees that we have.

I have contacted OSBA and according to them, school boards must have by law a Family & Civic Engagement Committee (RC 3313.821) and a Business Advisory Committee (RC 3313.82). Also according to OSBA it is typical for boards in our state to have standing committees for Curriculum, Policy, and Finance. I believe that our board has too many committees with a total of 17. I think about half of our current committees truly need a board member assigned to it.

In addition as a result of our strategic plan which calls for us as a district to increase our engagement with the community. Our current committee system does not do that because of the times the majority of our committees are schedule between the hours of 8am-3pm. The common complaint I get from residents is that the hours of committees discourage community involvement. In addition as a board member, because

I work full time in downtown Cleveland like many of our residents, I too am unable to even attend a majority of the meetings even I am assigned too. I believe the committees that need board members to be assigned to them should meet between the hours of 5pm-7pm. It is my understanding this is also a common practice in other districts.

If all possible can we please re-evaluate our current committee structure before our new Board President, whoever he/she may be makes appointments for the year 2011?


Dan Langshaw
Board Member
North Royalton Board of Education