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Board Update

Good Afternoon:

Happy New Year, everyone! 2010 brought a lot of successes and some challenges for our school district, but perhaps they were minuscule in consideration of the challenges that public education will face in here 2011. Even so, I am hopeful. And I am determined. Determined to continue to advance those causes that inspired me to run for the school board in the first place: fiscal responsibility, communication, transparency, ensuring that we maintain excellent schools, and plan a better future for the next generation. I am already hitting the ground running here in 2011 by helping organize a round table discussion on how school districts like North Royalton and others in the 24th Ohio Senate can preserve their funding in the next state budget. The state budget will be the biggest challenge for 2011 because of the projected cuts in education funding, but I plan to spend a considerable amount of time advocating that the new General Assembly preserves education funding for districts like ours.

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