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Board Update

Good Evening:

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The School Board met on February 8th for a Board Work Session. The Facilities Committee members gave a presentation to the Board on their assessment of the district’s facilities. Board got an update on how the district is working to get more district cable channel accesses for residents, especially those who live in Broadview Heights. Board discussed the progress of preparing for All Day Kindergarten next school year. The Board was given an update on how the district is expanding its’ bullying prevention efforts. The Board had discussion on the district’s current roofing needs and repairs. Superintendent Vittardi updated the board about a sidewalk grant the district is exploring as a possible joint school district and city of North Royalton project. The board had discussion on the district’s current fleet of buses and transportation needs for 2012. Board had discussion on what documents and items Board Members want included in the minutes of the monthly Regular Meeting. The Board also had discussion regarding the time and place of Special Board Meetings and Board Work Sessions. The Board agreed to changing the time of its’ work sessions to 6:30pm and to do more to make the meetings more accessible and welcoming to the general public. Board also discussed the final versions of Board Governing Rules and 2012 Board Goals. Board had a brief executive session to discuss personnel. Board reviewed the February Regular Meeting agenda items, and such other matters that came before the Board.

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