November 3, 2021 Statement from Dan Langshaw


Thank you to all of those who have supported me in over a decade of public service to North Royalton.
It has been an honor and the most humbling experience getting to help you throughout this journey. Unfortunately having to battle one of the most dirtiest campaigning that my opponent orchestrated in order to prevail is down right disgusting in city history.
The cyber bullying and in person bullying that has been brought on to me, my family and my service to our country is the lowest and faithless acts of character I have ever seen.
This is unfortunate to see how our city politics are going but I can say with great confidence that I ran a positive campaign without having to slander others. Politics have won tonight, but I have won something so much greater which was helping each and every one of you for 10 years.
Keep fighting for your dreams and never give up.