End Racism Everywhere including here in North Royalton, Ohio

Everyone that knows me well. I am a very passionate person and dedicated to serving my community of North Royalton the last 7 years as their Ward 3 City Councilman. The series of events that transpired over the jail closure crisis, were completely out my character. Also above all folks that know me well too know that my family comes first. Since my fellow City Council Members have already decided my fate before I had a chance for any kind of due process or even just a chance to tell the other key facts of my story that has been missing. Which is the why I lost my cool. Also why Mayor Larry Antoskiewicz was embarrassed to show his face at the June 30, 2020 Special City Council Meeting. I believe the answer to that was because I think he knew in advance that just maybe that he did not want me or my lawyer to ask him this question……… Who was it that he knows that attacked my family over the heated jail crisis? The below extremely racist flier was left in my newspaper box by a support of Mayor Antoskiewicz attacking my innocent 13 year old step-son Henry on the basis of his race. In a sick racist attempt to provoke me and my family. All because I was the most vocal opposition to Mayor Antoskiewicz’s shady Parma Jail deal and his unilateral closure of our city jail. Like any loving father. I lost it. In my over 34 years of life I have never been this outraged and it rocked my family and me to our core. Although what I did following it was not right and I have taken responsibility and apologized for the private phone call to a now former friend venting for this all to end. Does not excuse either how the Mayor and his friends exploited this situation and my family for his own personal political gain. Nor the hell my family and oldest child have been put through as a result. To the racist Mayor Antoskiewicz’s supporter and to the Mayor. You both owe my son Henry, my wife Marissa, and me an apology. Also like me Mayor. You need to take responsibility for what you did too! Also the racist Mayor Antoskiewicz supporter as well! Yes my son Henry is Mexican American. He is also a proud African American and Irish American young man too! He is a US Citizen! Most importantly was born in Texas, USA! My amazing and beautiful wife Marissa is African American and other half Irish. Also a legal US Citizen born in Pennsylvania! What transpired in our community is part of a much larger problem in our country and community worse than COVID-19, which is historic racism. No matter what happens to me. My wife Marissa and I are actively committed to End Racism everywhere! So there you go! If folks still want to continue saying hateful things here on social media, emails, and phone calls about me and my family go ahead. But at least now you know the rest of the why. I truly hope that you reconsider and use your energy in working towards a solution to this much bigger problem that it took my family and I to experience first-hand to understand why we all need to act now to address this without further delay!

-North Royalton Ward 3 Councilman Dan Langshaw

Copy of racist Mayor Antoskiewicz flier left in Councilman Langshaw’s home newspaper box.