Councilman Dan Langshaw’s Statement at the June 30, 2020 Special City Council Meeting

Good evening everyone. As you all know, there has been a great deal of publicity surrounding a private phone call I made to Jamie Anton and rightly so. Tonight I would like to address that phone call. The phone call I made was inappropriate, rude, and particularly with regard to the language I used during the call, it was offensive. I deeply regret having made the phone call and wish I could undo it. I also regret I have lost a friend because it too. But, of course, I can’t undo it, all I can do is acknowledge what I have done is wrong, ask for your forgiveness, and vow to learn and get better from it. And that is what I am doing tonight. As a Catholic, my faith teaches the importance of forgiveness. To all of those embarrassed and offended by my private phone call, including this Council, the Mayor, my friends and family, but most of all to Ms. Anton, I want to apologize and say how deeply sorry I am for what I said. Many of you know me and this phone call was out of character for me. I am very passionate about North Royalton and helping people. I vow to do better in the future and I hope you can all find it within yourselves to forgive me. Again, I’m sorry. Especially, as we all still must battle a very serious pandemic on top of this. Thank you!