North Royalton Ward 3 Rubbish & Recycling Survey Results

Thank you to the 73 residents that responded to my quick online survey over the weekend. Also thank you to all the residents who have called or emailed me since December 6th about the rubbish & recycling contract. I just wanted to share some results of my survey below. The results helped reinforce all the other feedback I have heard from residents on this issue.

Question: Would you be supportive of automated recycling if given a free 65 gallon bin with wheels for weekly curbside collection?
64.38% Yes
23.29% No
12.33% Maybe

Question: Do you want curbside manual rubbish collection to remain the same without any changes?
76.12% Yes
23.8% No

Question: Would you be willing to pay a fee for rubbish and recycling collection?
0% Yes
84.93% No
15.07% Maybe

Question: What would make you want to recycle more for curbside pickup?
The majority at 64.81% said more education on what you can recycle curbside

Question: Is blowing recyclables a common problem you have on your street or road on your rubbish/recycling day?
53.42% Yes
46.58% No

Question: Would you be more supportive of automated recycling if it would help you avoid paying a fee for curbside pickup in the future?
76.39% Yes
11.11% No
12.5% Maybe