Greetings Ward 3 Resident,

Fall is officially here. It has been an exciting fall already with the Cleveland Indians heading into the Playoffs and the Cleveland Browns playing well too. As your Councilman I have been busy too in assistant fellow residents, getting some street repairs, and addressing other issues within the ward. I have a number of things to update you on for this past month.

Have a great week!

Dan Langshaw
Ward 3 Councilman
North Royalton City Council


Some highlights from the August City Council Meetings. Council passed Ordinance 13-112 selecting Brandstetter Carroll Inc. as the criteria architect for the city hall renovation project. Click here to learn more.

Earlier this past month I drafted Council Resolution 13-105 in support of Ohio Senate Bill 17 that would require oil drillers to disclose to health care professionals and emergency responders a list of all drilling chemicals being used, something that is not required now. Council unanimously approved the resolution. In addition council gave the city law department the ok to support Munroe Falls in their Ohio Supreme Court case, Munroe Falls vs. Beck Energy Corporation, which seeks to preserve home rule and allow cities to have some authority in where oil and gas wells go in their own communities. Click here to learn more

Finance Committee was given an update on the city finances. For the month of August the city was down compared to August of last year, but the city is still on track for a possible $1 million dollar carry over year for next year.

If you like to learn more about what is going on in City Council check out the minutes online at: http://www.northroyalton.org/Council_Minutes_2013.htm


Kurtz Brothers Compost Facility Permanently Closing
October 5th is the last day the Kurtz Brothers Compost Facility will be open for business. The 20 year lease between Kurtz Brothers and the City of North Royalton expires on October 18, 2013. Kurtz Brothers has decided not to re-negotiate a new agreement with the City of North Royalton. North Royalton residents can continue to drop off excess yard waste on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at our Service Center located at 11545 Royalton Road. Guidelines for residential yard waste remain the same. Yard waste is picked up curbside with your regular weekly rubbish. Yard waste can be placed in rubbish cans, plastic bags or lawn and leaf paper bags and does not have to be separated from your regular rubbish. Branches and brush must be cut into 3 ft. lengths and tied in bundles weighing less than 35 lbs. Please call the North Royalton Service Department at 440-582-3002 with any questions concerning rubbish, recycling and yard waste pickup.


Cleaning Up Nuisance Homes in the Ward
As your Councilman I continue to work to address issues with nuisance homes within the ward. Through working with the administration was able to get recently one nuisance home located on York Rd, that was deemed condemned as a safety hazard for a number of years to finally get demolished at the cost of the property owner. This is a positive start and I am especially thankful for all the hard work done by the city Building Department in dealing with this issue. Click here to learn more about what the city is doing on this issue.

City Ordinances on Trees and Property Maintenance
A number of residents have asked me about what city ordinances do we have in regards to tree and other property maintenance. Below are two to be aware of:
1026.01 Planting; Permit Required; Denial of Permits; Removals; Obstructions
(e) Any person being the owner of real property abutting a right of way shall maintain all trees or shrubs on the property to ensure that no tree or shrub shall obstruct or interfere with the free passage of pedestrians on any sidewalk, the free passage of vehicles on the paved portion of the right of way or the view of traffic signs or signals. Property owners shall maintain a minimum tree clearance of nine feet above sidewalks and fourteen feet above the paved portion of the right of way. (Ord. 1989-78. Passed 7-10-89. Ord. 98-95. Passed 5-19-98; Ord. 01-72, passed 6-5-01)
1464.08 Duties of Owners, Operators and Occupants
The exterior of the premises, all structures, parcels and lots thereon shall be kept free of unsanitary conditions, nuisances and hazards to the safety of occupants, pedestrians and other persons utilizing the premises. Any such unsanitary condition, nuisance or hazard posing imminent danger to the health, safety and welfare of any person shall be immediately removed and abated by the owner, operator and occupant, and all other unsanitary conditions, nuisances or hazards shall be removed and abated by the owner, operator or occupant within seven days of receipt of notice by the Building Commissioner or other enforcement officer. The owner, operator and occupant shall keep premises free of hazards and in compliance with the following provisions:
(a) Refuse. Exterior property areas of all premises and lots shall be kept free of any debris, object, material or condition which may create a health, accident or fire hazard, which is a public nuisance or which constitutes a blighting or deteriorating influence on the neighborhood. Brush, broken glass, stumps, roots, filth, garbage, trash, motor vehicles, boats or trailers in a condition of disrepair or deterioration or parts thereof and debris shall not be permitted on any property.
(b) Natural Growth. Lawns, landscaping and trees shall be maintained so as not to constitute a blighting or deteriorating effect in the neighborhood. Dead and dying trees and limbs or other natural growth which, by reason of rotting or deteriorating conditions or storm damage, constitute a hazard to persons in the vicinity thereof shall not be permitted on any property. Trees shall be pruned and trimmed to prevent such conditions.

Ditch Maintenance Reminder
Just a reminder the of City of North Royalton Codified Ordinances Section 1022.05 entitled Obstruction of Drainage Ditches states that it is the responsibility of the property owner to keep drainage ditches free of all debris and vegetation so as not to impede the drainage of water. There were a few residents this month that were sent violation notices and I just wanted to make sure that residents are aware of this ordinance.

Send In Your Feedback
Are there any streets or roads in our ward/city that you like to see repaired? Is there a Homeowner Association Meeting, Condo Association Meeting, Community Organization Meeting, or Event that you would like for me attend? Email me your feedback at ward3@northroyalton.org


State Representative Mike Dovilla’s District Office Hours
State Representative Mike Dovilla will host his next district office hours on October 5th from 10am-12pm at the North Royalton Public Library located at 5071 Wallings Rd. No appointment necessary. This is a great opportunity to have your voice heard by our State Representative.

Monthly Coffee with Councilman Dan Langshaw
If you are a constituent living in the North Royalton Ward 3, you are invited to attend my monthly constituent coffee. I hold these coffees in order to stay in touch with fellow residents and listen to their feedback. There is no appointment necessary. Simply stop by and talk to me.
The next coffee will be held on:
When: October 26, 2013
Time: 10:00-11:00am
Where: Mugshotz Coffee & Smoothies
6556 Royalton Rd.
North Royalton, OH 44133

City Calendar for October

November 5th General Election
November 5th General Election ballot there are Municipal, Judicial, and School Board candidates are on the ballot as well as County and local issues. To avoid lines on Election Day, and to allow extra time to study the ballot, all registered voters may Vote by Mail. Vote by Mail ballot applications are available at the Board of Elections website: www.443VOTE.com, by calling the Board of Elections at 216-443-VOTE, and at all public libraries. It is important for all voters to be prepared to cast their ballots. The voter registration deadline is October 7th. Voters who have moved or changed their name since they last voted need to complete and return a new Voter Registration Card.

My Contact Info
If you ever have any questions, concerns, or need assistance please feel free to give me at call at 440-785-4240 or e-mail me at ward3@northroyalton.org. You can also keep in contact with me through my Website at www.danlangshaw.com or follow me on Facebook or Twitter at DanLangshawNR.