Greetings Ward 3 Resident,

Besides all the fun barbecues and family gatherings that will go on this weekend for Memorial Day. It is important to reflect why we celebrate this holiday. As a U.S. Army Veteran, I just want to personally thank all those who have served or currently serving in the United States Military. Most importantly we remember those who have paid the ultimate price by giving up their lives for the freedoms we enjoy each and every day. So on this Memorial Day Weekend if you see a family member, friend, neighbor, or just a random person in the street who is a Veteran or in uniform, please thank them for their service.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Dan Langshaw
Ward 3 Councilman
North Royalton City Council
13834 Ridge Rd.
North Royalton, OH 44133
Phone: 440-785-4240
Fax: 440-237-5024
E-mail: ward3@northroyalton.org

Some highlights from the May City Council Meetings. Council unanimously by a 0-7 vote rejected Ordinance 13-54 regarding an Oil & Gas lease proposed for the planets by Cutter Oil. Again thank you for your feedback on this issue and I will continue to oppose any future urbanized drilling that is proposed in our city. City has also succeeded in convincing the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to delay a hearing and decision on the mandatory drilling pool Cutter Oil is proposing, which involves 1.9 acres of city streets and two homeowners. Prior to council vote May 21st before unanimously voted down the use of city streets in the drilling unit and even prior to the May 14th public hearing on the issue, Cutter had already filed to force pool the city for this well. The city appealed the pooling and testified before the ODNR’s technical advisory committee May 14th. I was unable to attend but submitted a sworn affidavit for the hearing. Mayor Bob Stefanik, Law Director Tom Kelly and Council President Larry Antoskiewicz did travel to Columbus and explained to the committee that due process had not been completed because the public hearing had not been conducted and council hadn’t yet voted on the well agreement at the time. The ODNR committee agreed. There is scheduled another hearing for Aug. 13th. I will continue to keep you posted. Here are some news articles about the issue:


The Finance Committee got a first look at draft floor plan for the new city hall. A key change would be no caucus room. Instead what is being proposed is that all of council’s committee meetings, caucuses, and regular meetings would be held in chambers. The city is trying to have the renovation stay within the structure’s current footprint and keep cost low. Here is an article with a little more details:


If you like to learn more about what is going on in City Council check out the minutes online at: http://www.northroyalton.org/Council_Minutes_2013.htm


EMS Renewal Levy Passes
Thank you for your support in voting to approve the EMS Renewal Levy that was on the May 7th ballot. It passed! There were 1,540 votes for the levy, and 449 against.

Ward 3 Annual Hydrant Flushing
During the week of May 27th, the Fire Department will be here in Ward 3 flushing hydrants. This will continue for the next 7-10 days or so. The Fire Department advises residents to check the water for a rusty color before drinking it, beginning food preparation or doing laundry. If the water is discolored, run only the cold water for a few minutes until it is clear. We will be using the City’s telephone notification system to alert neighborhoods of pending hydrant flushing. If you have any questions; please call the Fire Department at (440) 237-4315.

The “Do Not Knock” Registry
As we move closer to summer we begin to see an increase in activity with solicitors in our ward and city. All solicitors that want to sell their services or goods in North Royalton are required to register and be issued a solicitor’s permit through the Police Department. Solicitors are required to carry their permit with them at all times when they are working and if requested must produce it for your confirmation. Some residents may want to take advantage of these services. However, if you choose not to have solicitors come to your home you can register with the city’s “Do Not Knock” program. You can sign up on the city’s website at www.northroyalton.org or you can pick up a registration form at City Hall or the Police Department. We also have a static cling door sticker that states No Peddlers or Solicitors allowed. These static cling stickers are also available at City Hall and the Police Station. Solicitors are given detailed instructions regarding our “Do Not Knock” registry and how to work within the guidelines of the ordinance. If you are registered in the “Do Not Knock” and a solicitor knocks on your door you should immediately call the North Royalton Police Department non-urgent number at 440-237-8686 to report this activity. In order for the Police Department to take action we need our residents to keep us informed when this activity is taking place. As a city we cannot legislate individuals from approaching your home that are of a political or religious nature or persons trying to influence opinion. As a resident you would have to conspicuously post a “No Trespassing” sign on your property to prevent all intrusions.
As always, if you see or suspect suspicious activity please immediately contact the North Royalton Police Department at 440-237-8686.

Rumpke Holiday Schedule
In observance of Memorial Day, Rumpke trash and recycling collection will be delayed one day the entire week of May 27th. This means if your regular pick-up day is Monday, it will be moved to Tuesday, Tuesday will be moved to Wednesday, etc. Rumpke will resume its normal schedule the week of June 3rd. If you have any questions, please call Rumpke at 1-800-828-8171 or click on the link below for their holiday schedule.

Master Plan Update
The City of North Royalton will be holding the first of two public meetings to solicit citizen input and suggestions for the Master Plan update on Thursday, June 6th at the North Royalton High School Performing Arts Center, 14713 Ridge Road, at 7 p.m. The public is encouraged and welcome to attend. In addition, the city will be conducting an online community survey as part of the Master Plan update. The survey is open to all North Royalton residents and businesses and can be accessed on the City of North Royalton’s website homepage, www.northroyalton.org. starting on May 17 and ending June 14.


Building Code Violations
As your Councilman I get weekly reports from the Building Department on various violations by Ward 3 property owners; that city building inspectors have found during their inspections. A common violation I have been seeing lately is violations of non-compliance with Section 660.14(a) (b) (c) (d) of the Codified Ordinance of North Royalton titled “Weeds and Grass”. A majority of these properties appear to be either vacant or in foreclosure. If you know of any properties like this in our ward, please let me know by e-mailing me at ward3@northroyalton.org with the address. I want our ward looking nice, but most importantly want to ensure resident safety with any vacant or foreclosed home that may be around the ward.

Albion Rd. House Fire
On May 1st around 6pm the North Royalton Fire Department and other area fire departments responded to a house fire at 8521 Albion Rd. It took fire fighters about 45 minutes to put out the fire. I want to offer special thanks to both the North Royalton Police and Fire Department for taking such great care of the Csincsar Family whose house was the one that caught fire here in Ward 3. Everyone in the family got out safely. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Csincsar Family as they work on the recovery of their home. The fire was caused by an unattended gas grill. This fire in our ward serves as example to help others in our ward and city to avoid a similar disaster. Below is a good article that was in the North Royalton Post that does a good job describing tips for grill safe. Here are some key points from it. According to Fire Chief Chegan, fire departments across the U.S. responded to a total of 8,600 house fires involving grills, and these fires resulted in approximately $75 million in property damages. The two leading causes of gas grill fires are leaks or breaks and obstructions. Follow the instructions and safety guidelines in the grill manual including keeping the grills clean and frequently checking the gas line for breaks and for obstructions. Follow the 10/5 rule. It should take no longer than 10 seconds to start the grill. If it doesn’t start in 10 seconds, wait at least five minutes before trying to start it again. As a new grill owner myself, please don’t forget that the city has an ordinance on the books regarding multi-family dwellings, such as condos that states that grills must be at least 15 feet away from the structure when in use.



Are there any streets or roads in our ward/city that you like to see repaired? If so where? Also would you attend a Ward Ice Cream Social or Meet & Greet if such an event was organized during the summer? Email me your feedback at ward3@northroyalton.org


North Royalton Memorial Day Ceremony on May 27th @ 9am at the North Royalton Cemetery.

City of North Royalton’s Master Plan Update taking place on June 6th. The meeting will take place at the North Royalton High School Performing Arts Center (PAC) 14713 Ridge Rd. @ 7pm. The Public Presentation is: Existing conditions, Committee discussion to date: issues, draft vision and goals, development options. Facilitated Discussion: Vision/goals for future of North Royalton. If you like to give the committee feedback; this would be a great opportunity to do so, in addition to the online community survey.

North Royalton Relay for Life on June 28th @6pm at the North Royalton Family YMCA 11409 State Rd. For more information check out the event website at http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?sid=128433&type=fr_informational&pg=informational&fr_id=49583

City Calendar for June

If you ever have any questions, concerns, or need assistance please feel free to give me at call at 440-785-4240 or e-mail me at ward3@northroyalton.org. You can also keep in contact with me through my Website at www.danlangshaw.com or follow me on Facebook or Twitter at DanLangshawNR.