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My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families in Newtown, CT after this heartbreaking tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

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Statement by Superintendent Ed Vittardi on the Tragedy in Newtown, CT:

Dear Parents,

The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut compels us to not only share the sense of loss and mourning, but also reflect on the procedures and process we have in place at North Royalton City Schools in regards to school security and safety. The district has gone to great lengths to develop and practice lock down and evacuation procedures, as well as identifying specific duties and responsibilities for district personnel. We review these procedures on a regular basis, and this tragic event reminds all of us at North Royalton City Schools that we must remain diligent and steadfast in these efforts.

Please know that as daily procedure, we do lock down each of our buildings in the mornings. We have a North Royalton Police Officer in the district serving as our resource officer, additional police officer(s) in the high school and middle school parking lot, and specific security and response processes are in place.

The North Royalton City Schools will continue to be vigilant in regards to school safety and security, and joins all other school districts and communities in their thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families as well as the staff, students, and Newtown Connecticut community.


Edward A. Vittardi

The School Board met on December 10th for its December Regular Board Meeting. Some highlights from the meeting. The Board recognized numerous student achievements of NRHS Band, NRHS Fall Athletes, student awards, and coaches. Board approved to establish the time and place for the 2013 Organizational Meeting and Tax budget hearing for January 14, 2013 at 7pm in NRHS Community Room. Board approved the appointment of Dr. John Kelly to be President Pro Tempore for the January 10, 2013 Special Meeting and January 14, 2013 Board Organizational Meeting. Superintendent Ed Vittardi declared December as School Board Recognition Month in the North Royalton City School District. Board approved 2013-2014 School Year Calendar. By a 4-1 vote the Board approved the appointment of Heidi Dolezal as the representative to the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center Board of Education for a 1 year term effective January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013. Board approved the December 2012 policy updates that included: Board Bylaw change to allow audio recording Special Board Meetings, Board Bylaw Change to implement a Government Per Diem, Bring your own device, anti-fraud protection, the third grade reading guarantee, as well as other updates in language due to changes in law and revised code. Before voting on the Policy updates I gave the following statement:

I just like to highlight two exciting policies we are voting on out of the many we have tonight. The first is a policy on (BYOD) also known as Bring Your Own Device. For a long time we have told our students that they couldn’t use their own cell phones in class. Because of improvements in our buildings to go wireless, I am proud to announce we as a district are also getting up to speed with the changes in the use of technology in the classroom. With this new policy students can bring their smart phones, tablets, and ipads in class and participate in lessons that their teachers believe BYOD would benefit instruction. I just like to thank Superintendent Ed Vittardi, Curriculum Director Bruce Bradley, and our Technology Department for making this happen. The second policy I like to highlight is a revision in our Board Bylaws where now we the North Royalton School Board will audio record all Special Meetings, Regular Meetings with the exception of Board Development Meetings and Executive Sessions. Our residents can find all these recordings on the board page of the district website and listen to them and learn more about what we do as a board. This is all possible because of the successful pilot program we did as a board earlier this year of trying out audio recording our special board meetings in addition to regular board meetings like this one. I just like to thank Board President Dr. Kelly and the rest of the Board for their openness to this idea. I think this is a very positive thing for our board and district!

Board also approved a resolution determining that an urgent necessity exists relating to a boiler at Valley Vista Elementary School and authorizing the expenditure of an amount not to exceed $75,000.

Board approved various retirements, leaves of absences, and appointments of certificated and classified employees. Board discussed other such matters that came before the Board.

Kindergarten Registration
As we near the holiday season and the New Year, plans for the upcoming school year are in full swing. North Royalton will be offering both the traditional kindergarten classes and two all-day, every day kindergarten classes, with the option for a third all day every day class if there is enough interest. The all day, every day, kindergarten classes will be a fee-based option (with adjustments made for families with a financial need) and students will be selected using a lottery system. To be eligible for the lottery for all day, every day kindergarten for the 2013-2014 school year, parents must begin the registration process on one of the February registration dates and complete the online INFOSNAP process. The dates are February 26, 27 and 28th in the Community Room adjacent to the High School. Hours for registration are 8:00 -8:00 on February 26th, 12:00 – 8:00 on February 27th, and 8-4 on February 28th. The complete online INFOSNAP registration process and deposit must be completed no later than March 5, 2013. Children whose registration process is completed after this date will not be eligible to participate in the all-day kindergarten program.

Elections in the school district Buildings Update
The school district contacted (starting last year) the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections and have requested that a change in voting locations be considered for the three elementary schools that are presently used. The Board of Elections recently contacted the school district and is in the process of exploring options in each of the voting districts. Our school district made this request due to the safety issues involved in having voters in our building when we have students present and the interruption of instruction that happens on these days. As you will recall, the school district has moved our teacher in-service day in November of each year to coincide with elections, but we are unable to do this in the spring(both March and May elections) because we never know if they are or are not going to use the buildings based on if there are any local/state issues on the ballot. As we hear more information from the Board of Elections we will continue to inform you.


December Regular School Board Meeting on December 10th at 7:00pm @ NRHS Community Room, 14713 Ridge Rd., North Royalton, OH 44133.

Coffee with School Board Member Dan Langshaw
If you are a constituent living in the North Royalton School District, you are invited to attend School Board Member Dan Langshaw’s next monthly constituent coffee on December 27th at Mugshotz Coffee & Smoothies located at 6556 Royalton Rd. in North Royalton from 6pm-7pm. Dan holds these coffees in order to stay in touch with fellow residents and listen to their feedback one on one. There is no appointment necessary. Simply stop by and talk to Dan. You may also contact Dan Langshaw via e-mail if you wish at dan.langshaw@northroyaltonsd.org or call 440-596-0078.

Special Board Meeting on January 10th at 6:30pm @ North Royalton Board of Education Office Conference Room, 6579 Royalton Rd., North Royalton, OH 44133.

Organizational Board Meeting/January Regular School Board Meeting on January 14th at 7:00pm @ NRHS Community Room, 14713 Ridge Rd., North Royalton, OH 44133.

North Royalton Educational Foundation Meeting on February 12th at 4:00pm @ North Royalton Board of Education Office Conference Room, 6579 Royalton Rd., North Royalton, OH 44133.

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