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Happy 4th of July everyone! Thank you to all those who have served or are currently serving our country in the United States Military. We are all free because of you!


On June 30th Toured the Stadium Project with the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, and some of my fellow Board Members. Construction is going well and the nice weather has been a huge help. Attached are some pictures from the site. Also if you like to follow the progress of the project you can check it out at: http://www.nrstadiumfoundation.com/nrsf-pictures/

The School Board met on June 30th for a Special Board Meeting. The Board approved the Appropriation Adjustments, Transfer/Advances, Final 2010-2011 Fund Appropriations, 2011-2012 Temporary Appropriations, Employment of Personnel, and such other matters that may come before the Board.

Late evening June 30th Governor John Kasich signed HB 153 the state budget into law. We are still learning more about the full impact of the approved budget. But it appears that the North Royalton City School District will lose about $3.4 Million in state funding over the course of the 2 year state budget. Originally our district was going to lose $4.9 Million, but because of the great lobbying efforts of the board and the members of the community like you we were able to reduce how devastating the cuts could have been. It is still terrible to see any major cuts to public education. It is worth noting Ohio’s reductions in state aid to K-12 education are the sixth largest in the nation, according to the Spring 2011 Fiscal Survey of States, published jointly by the National Governors Association and National Association of State Budget Officers. (The Ohio General Assembly has added some K-12 funds to the budget since data for the survey was collected.) The only states in the report with higher cuts to K-12 education, by rank, are New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Wisconsin. The full report is posted at http://links.ohioschoolboards.org/79109

The Ohio Department of Education Recently Released Ohio Achievement Test Results and Preliminary Report Card Information to School Districts. On June 15th, the Ohio Department of Education released individual student scores on the Ohio Achievement Tests. District personnel analyzed the results and determined preliminary passing rates. Just recently, report card data was populated on the ODE website. Although these results are not official, we are pleased to share these preliminary results expressed as percentage proficient:

3rd grade: Reading- 95
Math- 97.8

4th grade: Reading- 96.8
Math- 96.4

5th grade: Reading- 88.2
Math- 83.9
Science- 86.5

6th grade: Reading- 94.5
Math- 88.9

7th grade: Reading- 90.9
Math- 89.8

8th grade: Reading- 93.7
Math- 92.6
Science- 81.8

The results for the Ohio Graduation Tests were released in late May. These results are expressed as percentage proficient:

10th grade: Reading- 96.5
Math- 96.5
Writing- 96.8
Social Studies- 93.1
Science- 89.4

These results show an increase in 13 of the 19 tested areas, which illustrates the district’s commitment to continue to improve student achievement, even when students already achieve at a very high level. The preliminary results show an increase in the index score as well, receiving 106. The index score expresses the number of students who score at the basic, limited, proficient, accelerated and advanced levels. The higher the index score, the more students scoring at the accelerated and advanced levels. The district had over 64% of its students score in the accelerated and advanced levels. Report cards are not finalized until Value Added measures are calculated and added to the report sometime in August. Congrats to all our students and staff for again achieving at such a high level on the state assessments.


This week there are various meetings and events.

The School Board will meet on July 7th for its’ Board Work Session at 6pm @ the North Royalton Board of Education Office Conference Room, 6579 Royalton Rd., North Royalton, OH 44133. The Board will be approving a resolution determining to submit to the electors of the North Royalton City School District the question of renewing an existing tax levy, reviewing the July Regular Meeting agenda items, and such other matters that may come before the Board.

Broadview Heights Home Days on the Green July 7-10, 2011 at 9543 Broadview Rd. The hours are:
Thursday & Friday, 5PM-11PM
Saturday & Sunday, 3PM-11PM
For more information about scheduled activities and events check out: http://www.broadview-heights.org/HomeDays2011.htm

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